Tay Ninh Photos
The above picture and the one to the right have not been tampered with in any way. The
shafts of light that highlight the two men were there when I had the film developed in 1970.
Both Wayne and Richard were killed November 27, 1968 in Tay Ninh province in a firefight
trying to get inside a major bunker complex.
Wayne Rogers
Richard Hammett
The 1st Brigade of the 1st Air
Cav moved in with 25th Infantry
Division units at Tay Ninh City
base camp.

The pictures are of the
wonderful countryside we had
to work in. Notice how dark it is
inside the triple canopy trees.
John "Doc" Blanchard, Jack Moore Wayne Rogers
Hot, Humid and dry (dead) grass.
Sprayed with Agent Orange.
Captured rice from a small bunker complex
Inside the treeline around 1200 hours (noon)
Lunch break in a bunker complex
LZ Mustang, 1st Artillery Base we built in Tay Ninh
1st Lt. Gordon Earl DeGarmo 2 Plt Ldr @ LZ
Mustang. KIA November 27,1968, Leading his men.
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Tay Ninh province was the location of  
War Zone "C". It "belonged" to the
NVA and was well protected with large
bunker complexes and had "super"
highways, trails that were 3-5 meters
wide, hard packed and commo wire
laying in the open, with no overhead
cover like I Corps.
The CAV had to show the NVA that we
could kick their ASS. We did, but it took
awhile and cost us lots of good men.
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