These pictures are just some of the ones I took during my shortened tour. Some of them have
water spots on them due to the camera getting wet, even though I kept it in a plastic bag. The bag
came from the battery that went into the PRC-25 radio-telephone.
Water Tower at the Water Point & Showers.
I remember being here 1 time.
LZ Betty, 1st Brigade Headquarters.
The only reason I got this picture was that
we were staging for a Chopper lift for an
Artillery Raid at the Street of No Joy.
Kevan Mynderup, Wayne Rogers, ?, David Boyle
Wayne Rogers, Kevan Mynderup & "Chico"
after we got off the mountain we were
caught on when the Typhoon hit.
Arty Raid, at the Street of No Joy
Resupply chopper,Red Bag means MAIL
Arty has just fired a shot
Have been informed this is a "LARC" Large
Amphibious Resupply Craft, it went in the ocean
out to the resupply ships. Notice the diesel Tractor
rig in front of it. This was at Wunder Beach.
Wunder Beach
After a Napalm strike
Nice working conditions
Stuck on a hill top while the Typhoon blows through
Look close and you will see guys along
the waters edge
Everybody made it
LZ Anne being resupplied
Fixing the living quarters
Gun Team, Nick Altieri, Wayne Istre, Joe
Gorz (gunner), Manny Herrera
Dividing up the "C" rations
Clean up time, Not a bath!!
Typical look of the GRUNT in the field.
Almost has that 1000 yard look to him
Company Headquarter group
Wayne Rogers, Cliff Catlin
Kevan Mynderup
Notice the guy in the middle
Bath Time
Joe Defnet (squad leader), ?, Wayne Rogers
?, Cliff Catlin, Able Mendes,
Joe Gorz,Gordon Crannie
Going to the Arty Raid
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LZ Anne, looking at the chopper pad