November 1968
A bad month for the 1st Bn 8th Cav
The Jumping Mustangs did not leave I Corp until November 4th in the morning and arrived at
Tay Ninh base camp that evening, home to some of the 25th Infantry Division units in III Corp.

If you go to "Experiences of other Troopers" Eugene Colgan you will get an insight into how the
Commanding Officer was "Welcomed" to Charlie Company and a little bit about November 1968.

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These are the Official Radio communications between the companies in the field and the
Battalion Tactical Operations Center.
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On November 7th the Jumping Mustangs made a Combat Air Assault to a location that would become their base of operations in
War Zone "C", LZ Mustang. As they set up the perimeter and built bunkers the Artillery moved their pieces into place. The
engineers, with their heavy equipment, helped with the digging of the gun emplacements and bunkers.

On November 8th, A, B, E companies and the 2nd platoon of C company moved off the LZ to begin operations in the field.
C company, minus 2nd platoon, & D Companies got the "pleasure" of filling sand bags and building the bunkers.

Almost immediately the companies in the field started finding signs of the NVA in the area. Trails without overhead cover, commo
wire in the open, bunkers and trench lines. Right away we knew we were in for a fight. It was just a matter of time. The NVA
always got to pick the time and place. After all, we were in their backyard and messing things up.

Alpha Company was the 1st to make contact on November 13th. They had 2 KIAs, 5 WIAs and 2 MIAs as they pulled back from
the contact area. They were credited with 2 NVA KIAs. On November 14th Alpha Company recovered their MIAs, now KIAs.
Not a lot happened until November 19th when Charlie Company CA'd off of LZ Mustang to the bush. At around 1400 hours 2nd
platoon started to receive small arms fire. We had 1 WIA as a result of the contact. On the 21st of November the 2nd platoon of
Charlie Company made contact again. Losing 8 WIAs and 1 KIA. Alpha & Delta companies were also in and out of contact and
losing men, WIA.

On the 23th of November Charlie & Delta Companies set up for their NDP together. We had never done this in I Corp.
From this date on things went downhill fast for Charlie & Delta Companies.

Please read about the rest of the month in the Daily Staff Journals. Link above.

Working on a more detailed account of November 1968.